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Gum rosin market still in the stage of searching its price bottom~

Contact person:Kitty Liang
+86 13481140850
E-mail: st-rosin@hotmail.com

 Our Services

Our Services
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We gather information from various resources, doing market investigation and analyzing on gum rosin and gum turpentine oil. Thus we provide our clients with an unbiased insight on rosin market in China.

We are constantly improving the service for our members.The main contents of our service are listed bellow:
1.Updated gum rosin and turpentine oil quotation prices per day.
2.Updated derivatives market information(pinene,camphor,pine oil,terpineol,fumaric acids,borneol and glycerin).
3.Weekly reports of gum rosin and turpentine oil every weekend.
4.Pine chemical export data (38061010 gum rosin; 38051000 turpentine oil; 38059000 pine oil; 38069000 rosin resin; 29142100 camphor; 29061910 terpineol; 29061990 isoborneol; 38063000 rosin ester; 38070000 pine tar; 38231300 tall oil fatty acid).
5.Pine oleoresin(crude gum) market information
6.News express(exchange rate for RMB;updated ocean freight information;conference express)

Our advantages
1. Long-term working relationship with producers, processors and consumers of pine chemicals, as well as government and rosin associations
2. First-hand information and efficient service
3. Wide and well established research network
4. Understanding product performance and market dynamics


Address:9/F Globaltimes Building No.16 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Post code:530022
Contact person: Kitty Liang
Tel:+86-0771-2818819 +86 13481140850
E-mail: st-rosin@hotmail.com

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