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Gum rosin market still in the stage of searching its price bottom~

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  www.rosineb.com is developed and operated by NANNING SONGTAO BUSINESS & SERVICES CO., LTD. We are the pioneer and leader in the field of rosin market in China, which located in Guangxi -the main producing area of gum rosin, pine oleoresin, turpentine oil and their derivatives in China.


With rich experience in rosin market, extensive information channel and a set of scientific methods of analysis, Rosineb can produce the most current and accurate market assessment suits your needs. We provide our customers with the latest market information, help them timely insight into the market trends and direction.


 Adhere to the philosophy of sincerity, mutual benefit and win-win situation, we are always on the position of providing our clients with high quality services sincerely. We wish to establish long-term stable cooperation relationship with rosin enterprises both at home and abroad to create a splendid future.



The main services that we offer to our members are:


1.      Provide China gum rosin purchase prices at main export port-Huangpu port per working day.

2.      Provide Turpentine oil purchase prices at Main export-Huangpu port per working day.

3.      Provide China gum rosin stock data at main export port-Huangpu port every Monday.

4.      Provide weekly report of China gum rosin market every week.

5.      Provide monthly report of China gum rosin market each month.

6.      Provide China pine chemical (including gum rosin, turpentine oil, pine oil, rosin ester, pinene, terpineol, camphor, Borneol & Isoborneol etc.) export data every month.

7.      Provide crude gum information in China gum rosin major producing regions

8.      Provide gum rosin/turpentine oil derivatives information.

9.      Timely current market situation analysis and prediction.

10.  Price curve chart which showing the market changing condition.

11.  Online consultant for instant information.

12.  Trade service-to help customers to find buyers or sellers in gum rosin and related industry.


Hope we could have the chance to serve you,

And welcome to communicate with us for the gum rosin market situation!!


---Nanning Songtao Business & Service Co., Ltd.


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