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Maleic Modified Rosin Resin Introduction
2009-09-18   Hits :1503    Songtao Business
Maleic modified rosin resin is made from gum rosin by addition with anhydride and esterification with polyalcohol.It is pale yellow transparent solid in irregular flake form.
Product properties:it is soluble in coal tar,ketones,esters,benezens,gum turpentine and other solvents.It is insoluble in alcoholic solvents.It has good compatibility with vegetable oils and the advantages of stable color,yellowing resistance,heat stability,strong adhesion and etc.
Application:maleic modified rosin resin is widely applied in polyester lacquer,nitrolacquer,and polyurethane (PU),It can reinforce the hardness,brightness,richness and rubbing of the lacquer and improve the lacquer drying time as well.

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