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The market keep relatively stable~

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   Turpentine Oil Weekly Report
  • Prices appeared slightly fall back and the market seemed has come into a stalemate (2016-11-14)
  • Turpentine oil market increasing seemed a little bit slower down (2016-11-7)
  • Turpentine oil prices went up continuously, Pleasure or Worry? (2016-10-31)
  • Price upward continued (2016-10-24)
  • Turpentine oil prices showing a continuously upward trend,market supply was somewhat shortage (2016-9-26)
  • Turpentine oil market continued to show some upward (2016-9-12)
  • Market trading was tepid, price both up and down seemed difficult (2016-8-22)
  • Turpentine oil market prices continue to keep stable, inquiry to buy was still few (2016-8-15)
  • Gum rosin market continue to keep stable (2016-8-8)
  • Turpentine oil prices kept relatively stable and prices appeared slightly falling in some of the regions (2016-8-1)
  • Turpentine oil market continued to keep relatively stable with slightly downward in some of the regions (2016-7-25)
  • Turpentine oil prices kept stable (2016-7-18)
  • Turpentine oil market trending stable (2016-7-12)
  • Turpentine oil market kept relatively stable (2016-7-4)
  • Turpentine oil market was relatively stable (2016-6-27)
  • Turpentine oil market upward continue while the market trading condition was so so (2016-6-6)
  • Upward continued, but seems a little bit slower (2016-5-30)
  • Price upward continued and sales was inactive (2016-5-23)
  • Turpentine oil price increasing was somewhat “crazy” (2016-5-16)
  • Turpentine oil market continue the upward (2016-5-9)
  • Prices continued the upward and market trading became lesser (2016-4-25)
  • Turpentine oil price upward continued (2016-4-18)
  • Turpentine oil market prices continued to show some upward (2016-4-11)
  • Turpentine oil prices appeared some upward and the market was a little bit more active (2016-3-28)
  • Fewer factories to quote and sell (2016-3-21)
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